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Muhammad Tehseen

I am Muhammad Tehseen, a content writing expert, copywriter, video editor, and the founder of rtsbooks4u.com. I have been writing articles and blog content for online publications and companies since 2019. I love reading books, especially self-help books.

My main motive is to become a motivational speaker and to influence people with my words. I will help others to improve their lives by providing them with valuable content through this blog and my youtube channel.

Rtsbooks4u is my first blog and I love this blog because finally, I can share all my knowledge with you through this blog. So, make sure to subscribe to us. And also subscribe to my youtube channel to get an understanding in video form.

About Rtsbooks4u

Muhammad Tehseen started rtsbooks4u in April 2020. At Rtsbooks4u, you will find content on various topics including personal development, education, motivation, spiritual content, and health-related articles.

You will love it because you will find here very valuable content on this niche and by following rtsbooks4u you will be able to achieve your maximum potential.

At Rtsbooks4u, We provide you with the basic principles for a successful and happy life from different books, research and from our experience. By following these principles you will succeed in your life. Everything that we publish on Rtsbooks4u is coming from experience & research.

Why We Start Rtsbooks4u

The reason behind the creation of the rtsbooks4u is to help other people to improve themselves physically, mentally, spiritually, and personally. Therefore the tagline of rtsbooks4u is “Explore your best version”. Because we know that self-development and learning is the key to success and a happy life.

Another reason for this is to encourage book reading between people. Books help us to improve ourselves and these are our best friends. Nowadays people spend lots of time using social media and they don’t spend their time learning new things and reading books.

Due to this, the percentage of book lovers decreases with time. It hurts us a lot. We take a small step to increase the number of book readers in our country and worldwide.

This is our first step in this regard. Inshallah, In the future you will see a lot of libraries of rtsbooks4u filled with book lovers who want to grow themselves and their nation. If you like our motive then pray for us to achieve our goals.

If you require more information or have any questions about our site, please contact us.