Improve Your Memory by Following These Brain Exercises

Nowadays, everyone is conscious about their health. We join the gym for exercise and also take a good diet to keep our body healthy and fit. Which is really good.

But we don’t take care of our mind. Even the brain is the most important part of our body and it controls all our body functions. Our brain works the whole day and keeps learning.

So, We should take care of our body and brain properly. Now here the question arises that how we will make our brain sharp and increase our intelligence. In everyday life, you will find a lot of physical trainers who tell you the exercises for your body.

Brain Exercise to Improve Your Memory

But nobody tells you the brain exercises to improve your memory. So, today in this article I will tell you the 7 best brain exercises that will improve your memory and make your brain sharp.

7 Best Brain Exercise to Improve Your Memory

There are a number of brain exercises to make your brain sharp and improve your memory. But in this article, I will tell you the 7 proven exercises that make your brain fast.

If you do these exercises regularly then your memory will improve. These brain exercises are very helpful for seniors and students and for those people that forget things easily.

As you can’t lose weight overnight. Similarly, you can’t improve your memory in one night. If You should follow these exercises regularly only then you see huge results.

1: Morning Walk

Did you know only a 30 min walk in the morning can change your life very fast? Morning walk not only improves your memory, it also makes you healthy. We can avoid different diseases by only doing a 30 min walk in the morning.

A person who does not walk in the morning can face many lifestyle-related diseases, such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, etc.

When we walk in the morning and take a breath in the fresh air then the oxygen level in our body increases. As a result, the oxygen supply to our brain increases and our brain works actively.

Due to this, we feel happy and active the whole day. And our brain works in a productive way the whole day. Morning air also calms our nerves, and boosts our mood, as a result, we feel relaxed and happy all day. So, we should make the morning walk our habit.

2: Reading Books

Every successful person in the world read books. Bill Gates read one book in a week even after having so much money. Because all successful people know the importance of books in our life.

You often hear that success comes from books. Because book reading is not only a good source of knowledge and information but it is also the best way to improve our memory and mental health.

When we read books our brain makes a picture of different peoples and places that are discussed in the book. As a result, our emotions and ability to imagine things increases and even turn on our senses.

Book reading increases our focus. Because when we read a book our attention is focused on it. Due to this habit, our focus on our work also increases and we complete our work effectively. So, we should read a book for at least 15 minutes a day.

Benefits of book reading
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3: Learn new things Games and Languages

About 5 thousand years ago when food is not available in large amounts, humans struggled the whole day in search of food and water. But nowadays food is available in large amounts and we get food without any struggle.

Because we get food and other important things in life easily. It makes us lazy and we stop learning new things to develop our mind and body. Research shows that in people who stop learning new things, their brains become slow and their memory decreases.

And they don’t remember anything for a long time. Due to this reason, we should learn new things and face complex challenges so that our brain remains active.

You can learn new languages, games and skills. Crossword puzzles and Sudoku are the best games for the brain and for improving memory. Always keep learning because

when you do something new over and over again, your brain makes new pathways, as a result, our memory and focus increases.


4: Do Memorization Exercises

If you want to make your muscles strong then you have to do physical exercises. Like that, if you want to improve your memory then you have to do memorization exercises.

If you learn anything then memorize it after some time. It makes your brain sharp and you can remember that thing for a long period of time.

The best memorization exercises are to write a diary. Every successful person in this world maintains at least one personal diary in which they write new ideas, their experiences and the new thing that they learn.

Even Bill Gates has their own blog called Gatesnotes in which he shares book summaries and the things that he learns from different books. So, We should write a diary.

You must write your whole day activities in a diary before sleep. This habit not only improves your memory but also makes you more productive and happy.

5: Meditation

Are you thinking that how meditation improves our memory? A few years ago, I also thought that meditation is a spiritual exercise and it has no impact on our mind and body.

But I was wrong. And I was shocked to know that meditation is not only a spiritual thing, It also improves our breathing, controlling emotions.

In meditation, we focus on our breathing cycle, as a result, our focus increases and it also boosts our discipline, confidence, and self-awareness which are very important for success and happy life.

Meditation decreases our stress that’s why meditation is also called the antidote to stress. Meditation increases our focus and memory a thousand times. So, we should meditate for at least 15 minutes a day.

The best way to meditate is to make sure there is no sound around you. Then sit there and take a long breath and focus on the air that how the air goes inside your body and how it came outside from your body.

6: Explore The World

When you feel stress then go outside and see the beautiful world. Stress is not good for your physical as well as mental health. Travelling is the best way to reduce stress.

When you travel to different countries not only your stress reduces but you learn about different cultures, discover new cuisines and try things you’ve never tried before. It gives you a lot of pleasure.

Travelling is a great way to keep your brain active and fit and it does not matter whether it’s a quick weekend getaway or a round-the-world trip.

So, you should travel to different places with your friends or family. After doing very hard work the whole week we should give a good rest to our body and mind, It is very necessary.

And travelling to different places is the best way for this. If you have not enough money to travel to other cities or countries then you can also go to the park near to your house.

7: Reverse simple actions

It is a strange brain exercise but it helps us a lot to improve our memory. When we do one thing again and again our brain makes a pattern of this work and makes it a habit to save our time and energy.

And in future, we will complete that work without paying any extra attention. I remember that day when I was learning to drive a motorcycle initially I paid attention to it a lot. But now I drive a motorcycle without paying any attention.

When we do that thing that is against our habit then our brain works actively and our focus level increases. So, for a few days, you can do things that are against your habits.

Like, writing with that hand that you are not used for writing, drinking water with the opposite hand, doing your little works blindly, etc. By doing these small brain exercises for some days you will feel a great improvement in your memory.

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