Best 9 Books About Dealing with Depression And Anxiety

Almost everyone at least once in life faces depression. I also faced depression about one year ago. At that time I did not know what happened to me.

I remember that I cried alone and did not leave my room. My family was also worried about me. Then one of my well-wishers gave me some books about depression.

books about depression

After Reading those books I not only came out of depression but it also changed my perspective to see the world. So, I decided to share those books with you.

Books About Depression

In this article, I will tell you the 9 great books about depression that have helped me a lot in coming out of depression and living a happy life.

All the books about depression in this list are written by professionals of mental health or by people who have faced and conquered depression in their own lives. That is the reason behind choosing these books on this list.

1: How to stop worrying and start living  (Buy now)

How to stop worrying and start living book

“How to stop worrying and start living” by Dale Carnegie consists of 360 pages. The language of this book is very easy.

So, If you can read this book for around 15 minutes every day it will help you to keep in control of your anger, stress, frustration, anxiety and depression.

This book talks about the day to day problems that we face in our life. In this book, there are stories of hundreds of people who have been hospitalized due to stress, depression and anxiety and how they got out of this stage by using some techniques and principles.

This book will give you hope. And just reading this book will solve all of your mental problems. Because the majority of our problems are the result of our wrong way of thinking.

This book will teach you the correct way of thinking and it will also teach you how you can live your life peacefully. So, you should read this book.

2: Man’s search for meaning  (Buy now)

Man's search for meaning book

“Man’s search for meaning” by Viktor Frankl is the perfect book about depression for this pandemic crisis. This book talks about the human spirit. When there is a lot of suffering, how do common people find hope, how do they deal with crises?

Talking about that is very important because even today there are so many people who are in such despair that they don’t find a way out.

The core message of this book is that some of the sufferings that we have are not like the sufferings that people had to go through during world war two in the construction camp.

Note: If you are experiencing any uncertainty, crisis, depression or bad time in your life then I will encourage you to enrol in Teal Swan’s online course “How to thrive in a crisis?

This course will provide you with so many practical and empowering tools, resources, and solutions to actively face the crisis directly and become aware of what is truly important to you to actually create the life you want to live.

I highly recommend this course for those who have gone through or are going through a crisis as well as mental health professionals supporting individuals in crisis. Now come back to the topic.

3: Living beyond your pain  (Buy now)

Living beyond your pain book

Living beyond your pain book was written by Joanne Caroline Dahl. In this book, she discusses how your thinking and emotions can affect how much pain you are feeling. It may be back pain, neck pain, or any other chronic pain.

There are few chapters in this book that are dedicated to how your thoughts can actually make your pain either better or worse. Your emotional state also dictates how much pain you are going to feel. So, you should be aware of your thoughts.

4: Living with your body & other things you hate  (Buy now)

Living with your body & other things you hate book

“Living with Your Body and Other Things You Hate” by Emily K. Sandoz offers you a completely unique way to think about your body image.

Most people are not happy with their physical appearance and they spend a lot of money every year to improve their looks. Some are chubby, some are short, some don’t look well, and many other things you know.

This book doesn’t say that your perceptions are wrong, or your thoughts are irrational. But this book teaches us how to accept our physical appearance and how to face society.

Remember that this is not an easy path, sometimes it hurts you. But in the long run, this book will teach you how to focus on the important aspects of your life without allowing these distressing thoughts to dominate your life.

5: Feeling good the new mood therapy  (Buy now)

Feeling good book

“Feeling good the new mood therapy” by Dr David Burns is a very good book. The main concept of this book is that thoughts create our mood and if you can change your thoughts then you can change your mood.

This is a remarkable book that helps me to deal with guilt, shame, anxiety, depression and other emotions. The biggest takeaway that I learned from this book is that “Your self-worth is intrinsic and it can’t be based on anything in the material world”.

That means it does not matter how much money you make an hour, it does not matter how many cars you have, it doesn’t matter how many people who slept with it, and it does not matter how successful you are, there is no measurement that you can equate to your self-worth. You can’t degrade your self-worth and you can’t build up your self-worth.

6: Full Catastrophe Living  (Buy now)

Full Catastrophe Living book

The book “Full Catastrophe Living ” is written by Jon Kabat Zinn. Jon Kabat Zinn is not only one of the people who started to really bring mindfulness into a western mindset but he was also one of the first to develop mindfulness programs that were really adapted.

In Fact, he is the father of the mindfulness-based stress reduction program and. So, his books like Full Catastrophe living are so good for stress and depression. So, you should read this book.

7: Furiously Happy  (Buy now)

Furiously Happy book

The book “Furiously Happy” was written by Jenny Lawson. In this book, she shares her journey through battling a multi-layer of mental health disorders that she goes through on a daily basis.

I personally have struggled with anxiety and I know that it’s a constant battle. However, her level just gave me a whole new perspective into how trying it can really be.

And it really made me feel somewhat more blessed. So, you should add this book to your reading list.

8: Change your Brain, Change your life  (Buy now)

Change your brain, Change your life

The book “Change your Brain, Change your life” is written by Dr Daniel Amen. In this book with the help of much scientific evidence, he provides us with “brain prescriptions” that help you retrain your mind.

The main concept of this book is that if you can change your thought pattern then it will reduce your depression.

Besides this, Dr Daniel Amen gives a number of tips to improve mental health and to reduce anxiety, depression, guilt and anger in this book.

9: The depression cure  (Buy now)

The depression cure

Stephen Ilardi in his book (The depression cure) says that our body or mind are not designed to perform well with poor sleeping and eating habits and long work hours. This is the main reason for depression in this fast society.

Overcoming depression is not easy but I assure you that this book will help you a lot in this journey. So, you should read this book.

If you are facing depression or such kind of situation then you should read these books. And also share this article with your friends. Maybe it will save someone’s life.

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