Do Schools Really Kill Creativity? Explained With Scientific Proof

How does school kill creativity

Does school kill creativity? This topic becomes very famous after the TED talk of Sir Ken Robinson. According to him, our current education system hurts child’s creativity. Many people believe that the traditional education system suppresses a child’s creativity and encourages conformity, leading to a lack of original thinking and innovation. But is it really … Read more

How to Stop Sleeping in Class? 11 Tips to stay awake in class

11 tip to stop sleeping in class

Are you also struggling to stay awake in class? Don’t worry, sleeping during class is a common problem among students. When I was in school I had been sleeping in a class all the time and  I was unable to concentrate on the lectures. Initially, I always worried about how to get rid of this … Read more

How Toppers Make their Study Timetable | Speed up Your Studies

How to make a study timetable

In this digital world, It’s difficult to give meaningful time to our studies. We spend our whole day on useless and unnecessary things (social media, games, etc.) without realizing that it kills our time. Therefore every student should know how to make a study timetable to use their time smartly. A study timetable is an … Read more

Who Invented School and Why? Shocking Facts about School

Who Invented School

Whether you are a student or not, many questions about school definitely have come to your mind. Like: Who invented school and why? And What was education like before schools? etc. I will give answers to these questions in this post. And I have also shared some shocking facts about the creation of school. Horace … Read more