Improve Your Memory by Quitting These Habits That Make Our Brain Weak

Most of us noticed that we work hard to prepare a speech, presentation and in the preparation of the exam. But when that moment comes in which we have to give a speech or exam we forget everything.

Why do we forget everything after so much hard work? This is due to our weak memory. Now the question arises how to improve memory and intelligence?

Habits That Make Our Brain Weak

In this article, I will tell you the 7 habits that make our brain weak and slow due to which our memory and focus level decreases. So that you can improve your memory by avoiding these habits.

Before starting you should know what memory is. Memory is the ability of our mind to store, encode and retrieve the information that gets from five senses, Skin, Eye, Ear, Nose and Tongue.

7 Habits That Make Our Brain Weak

There are many exercises to improve our memory. But all these exercises are useless if we don’t avoid these habits.  Because if we don’t quit these habits then all brain exercises are useless and they would not make your brain sharp and strong.

It is similar to that we want to lose weight but we can’t stop eating fast food. Then all our efforts to lose weight are useless until we stop eating fast food.

1: Sitting Too Much

In everyday life, we spend our maximum time sitting in front of the TV and using social media. But did you know how sitting for a long time affects our physical and mental health?

This habit causes many diseases in our body. When we sit in one place for a long time then oxygen level in our body and blood supply to the brain decreases.

So, our brain doesn’t get the required amount of blood and oxygen, as a result, our concentration level decreases and we don’t focus on our work.

Now you get how sitting for a long time affects our brain. This Habit makes us lazy and we don’t complete any of our work on time because we keep on procrastinating.

If you work in such a field where you do all of your work by sitting then you should take a break of at least 10 mins after a regular interval. In these 10 mins, you can go to the outside for a walk, canteen, washroom or anywhere you want to go.

2: Dehydration

Dehydration is a condition in which our body loses a significant amount of water. In simple words, dehydration means a lack of water from our body.

As we know the water is the most important element of Earth as well as our body. 60% of the human body contains water. Even a human brain composed of 73% of water.

But the loss of water from our body in a large amount causes many diseases. Dehydration not only affects our body but dehydration also causes shrinkage of our brain tissue.

In 2012, the University of Connecticut conducted research in which they induced dehydration in healthy women through different exercise and they concluded that dehydration also affects our mood.

Effects of Dehydration
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In 2014 in a study by Japanese research they found a new mental effect of dehydration. They noticed that dehydration surprisingly increased our pain sensitivity. So, you should drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.

3: Not facing the sun

Do you know the sun is the largest source of heat and energy? But you definitely don’t know the sun is also the natural source of vitamin D. When we go in the sunlight, then Vitamin D is produced in our body.

Vitamin D is a very important component of our body. Lack of Vitamin D can cause diseases like osteoporosis and rickets. Besides this, sunlight also boosts your mood.

Researches show that the person who works in the day time and faces the sun is happier than that person who works at night and not faces the sun for a long time.

Because when you go in the sunlight a substance called nitric oxide is released into our blood. This compound brings our blood pressure down and improves heart health as a result we feel happy.


So, you should take sunbathe for at least 15 mins a day. But remember that sitting in sunlight for a long time may burn your skin. Therefore don’t forget the use of suncream.

4: Covering The Face During Asleep

I know you are definitely thinking that how covering the face affects your brain. But did you know when we cover our face while sleeping the amount of oxygen decreases in air and Carbon dioxide increases because air doesn’t pass through the blanket?

Due to this, we breathe in such air in which the amount of Carbon dioxide is high and the amount of Carbon dioxide in our blood also increases. As a result, our brain tissues start damaging.

If these brain tissues are damaged in a large amount it will also cause a serious disease called Alzheimer. And it also decreases our memory and focuses level. Due to which we can’t concentrate on our family and tasks.

So, make sure that you don’t cover your face with anything when you are sleeping. Because it affects your brain a lot. And remember that your brain is the most impotent part of your body.

5: Lack of Sleep

All of us know taking a rest is very important after a workout. Because when we are doing exercise our muscle tissue brakes. And when we take a rest after doing a workout new muscle tissues are generated.

As after exercise, rest is very important for our body. Similarly, sleep is very important for our brain after the whole day’s work. When we sleep our brain makes new neural pathways that are very important for us.

It not only improves our mental health but also improves our memory. If a person doesn’t take proper sleep after the whole day’s work he will face huge consequences such as depression and Alzheimer.

Alzheimer is a mental disease that slowly destroys memory and thinking skills and the ability to carry out the simplest tasks.

Work is important for all of us but doing work all the time and avoiding sleep is a very bad habit and it affects our brain a lot. Elon Musk in his interview reveals that If he did not take 6 hours of sleep properly he feels less productive.

6: Loud Noise

Noise pollution is very common in our large cities. The noise of the heavy machinery at construction sites and the noise of vehicles is the main cause of noise pollution. This loud noise affects our brain very badly.

This noise damages our brain tissue. It may cause hearing loss or other hearing diseases. Due to this, we should avoid loud noise.

Besides this noise pollution, most of us use earbuds all day to listen to music and other things like calls. It is not a healthy habit, because excess use of earbuds also affects our brain.

Listening to loud noises will damage our brain tissues and cause hearing loss. I am not saying that the music is bad or we should not listen to it.

In fact, I am saying to listen to music at a low volume of noise. And we should avoid those places where there is a lot of noise pollution.

7: Poor Diet

A poor diet also affects our brain. A proper diet is very important for our body as well as our brain. We should avoid such food that contains a lot of fat and sugar.

Because when sugar level increases in our body then the capacity of our body to absorb other nutrients decreases. Due to this, our brain does not get the required nutrients that are important for its proper functioning.

As a result, our brain does not perform its function well and we feel lazy the whole day. A poor diet slows our brain functioning or eating a poor diet for a long time may also cause permanent brain damage.

Eating oily food will also increase the amount of fat in our blood which causes obesity and several heart diseases. So, we should avoid junk food like burgers, shawarma, cold drinks, etc. And we should eat healthy food with proper nutrients.

Some of our small habits can damage our brain badly. I hope now you will avoid these bad habits that make our brain weak. I hope now you

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