Best Ways to Make New Friends After College as an Adult

Due to the social culture of School and College, it is easier to make new friends because you see each other every day. But the main problem is how to make friends after college because you are not in the classroom every day.

Most teenagers struggle with the same issue after college. After completing college when I moved to a new city for a job, I found that making new friends for adults is very difficult.

Because everyone has different work schedules, commuting distances and relationships or social circles.

 I was also facing these difficulties, but by following these ways that I will share next I have made a lot of new friends. Do you want to know how to make friends after college? Then keep reading.

How to make friends after college

Connect with your colleagues

This is the best and easiest way to make friends after college. Because you meet with your colleagues daily in the office and you have many things in common to talk about like about your job or company or other different things.

Your coworkers also understand you on many levels when it comes to talking about your job. Besides this, your work schedule is also the same. So, you can easily make plans for lunch or outing with them.

So don’t be shy, wherever you work, ask at least a few of your colleagues out for a coffee, tea or a group dinner.

If there is already any group that generally goes together on lunch then join them at lunch. At first, you may feel awkward but you will be comfortable with them after few meetups.

Find new hobbies that enable socialization

Learn a new skill and join communities in which you are interested. It may be academic like a new language, creative like graphic designing, or a little more abstract like yoga or gym.

Because at these places you can find those people who have the same interests as you. If you attend the classes regularly, you can easily find someone with the potential to become a close friend.

The Best way to meet like-minded people is to look up groups or communities that make meetups regularly daily or weekly. For example, you may go to the gym, and for a walk, and may go to learn new skills or English language, etc.

Accept invitations as often as you can

Accept the invitation as much as you can. I know your career and goals are important but you should make a balance between your social and professional life. Because a healthy social life is also important for our happiness.

Due to this reason, most people use social media the whole day to improve their social life. So, never let your job and any other thing take over your social life.

Go to parties and other gatherings. If only one person knows you then he will introduce you to others. At that time you should ask questions from them and show that you are interested in them and celebrate common interests.

If you follow these tips you will definitely make friends. Because about 75% of friendships happen because somebody introduces us to somebody.

Don’t force yourself to live with the wrong people

When you follow these tips then you interact with lots of people of different natures. At that time you should decide wisely whether the other person is good for your friendship or not.

Here I am not discussing bad people like a smoker or criminals etc. Because no one wants to build a friendship with them. Infect I am talking about those people who are not of your nature.

I remember a lot of friends that I made on your stage. I have never connected with them even though I met with them lots of years ago.

Because some of them moved and others have gotten too busy in their professional lives. So, choose your friends wisely.

Ask for potential friends’ numbers

Remember that now we are not in college where we meet with the same people every day. So, when you would like someone’s company then ask for his/her phone number. So, you can stay connected with them.

9 ways to make new friends after college

Often you will get others’ numbers, but they don’t share their phone number in some cases. At that time, rather than giving up, you should ask them for any other way to stay connected with them.

When you get his/her number then follow up by sending funny messages and making outing plans. And never hesitate him/her by sending him/her a lot of messages.

Join a book club or other groups

Join book clubs and other communities or groups that get together weekly. it may be online or offline. Because at such places most of the people have the same interest as you.

And there are high chances that you would make new friends there. So, if you like reading books then you should join a book club. There you can share your experience of reading different books.

Or if you like writing then you should join any writing groups. There you may get feedback on your writing. Or if you are interested in any other thing then join groups related to your interest.

There is almost a community of every interest online. You may also join yoga classes, gym, or English learning courses. By joining them you will not only make new friends your skills will also improve.

Take part in social activities

You can participate in sports if you like. Or you can also do any part-time job in which you should have to practice your social skills and meet new people. For example, Sale’s jobs, etc.

Most of us don’t participate in these things due to fear of failure or rejection. But if you have to make new friends then you should take initiative.

If you don’t take initiative then you will lose countless opportunities of making new friends. So take part in social activities and invite people who might be interested in going to join you for lunch or dinner.

Keep in touch with the people you like

If you follow all the steps told above then you will meet dozens of people. But how you will convert them into friends. You can do this by keeping in touch with them or by meeting them regularly.

For this ask them their numbers or social media profiles where you can follow them and keep in touch with them.

Because research shows that it takes around 50 hours of interaction to turn an acquaintance into a casual friend, and another 150 hours to turn a casual friend into a close friend.

Be a good friend

Be good friends. At this point, I will share some communication tips that will make your friendships as well as relationships strong. Understand your friends and relatives.

Because if there is no understanding between couples and friends, these relationships will not remain for longer no matter how much love between them. So, try to understand your friends.

Listen to them carefully when they are talking to you and appreciate their efforts.

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