Stop Procrastinating And be Productive by Following These Tips

Do you know how the habit of procrastination will ruin your life? Therefore you are searching “how to stop procrastinating and be productive” on Google. If yes, then you are in the right place.

Because in this article I have shared the methods to stop procrastinating and be productive. So, Keep reading …

How to stop procrastinating and be productive

How to stop procrastinating and be productive

If you have to eat a big, live frog every day, and you have to eat it no matter what, then what time of day would you like to eat that frog?

Brian Tracy, CEO of many successful companies, Consultant, and author of the book Eat That Frog, he says the best time to do this would be right after waking up in the morning.

Because eating frogs will be the most difficult and hard work of your day. And normally there is hardly anything worse than this with you. So it would be good if you do this worst thing first. So that you can spend your whole day tension free, in comfort, and at ease.

Now here in this example eating the frog means finishing some of our important and difficult work, which is necessary for us to complete.

Many times we keep postponing any difficult and important work saying that I should do it in the evening. It’s just like looking at this big frog and thinking that I have to eat it. But I will eat it later.

Nothing else it just increases our tension and stress. Another reason to finish the work is that our willpower is very high at this time. Due to this we can finish this difficult work well.

Key For Success

You may have noticed that when we finish a task, especially an important or big task, then we relax and feel good. This is because then our brain releases a substance called endorphin, which makes you feel good

Now one of the main keys to success is that we make it a habit to make a good addition to the thing that fell well after finishing this work. It will make you feel good. And at the same time, it will increase your self-esteem and confidence a lot.

And to make all these things possible, Brian Tracy has created many practical ways. Some of these principles I will share with you now. You will be able to achieve all your goals and success by using your time properly.

1: Setting the table

One of the most important reasons why we process our time is confusion and lack of clarity. For example, as long as I am confused about which topic to write in the next article. I get distracted from other tasks and waste more time.

But as soon as I decide and it becomes clear on which topic the next article will be, then I can use my time very well.

Similarly, if you also want to be successful by making the best use of time, then everyone Be clear beforehand about your goals and targets. And to do this well you have to follow 7 steps procedure.

1: Decide exactly what you want

Decide exactly what you want. From your finance life to health to relationships and social life. And with all the other important expenses of your life, be clear about what your goals are.

2: Think on paper

Only 3% of people write their goals on paper. And these are the 3% of people whose chances of achieving their goals increase five to ten times. Our brain is not as good at storing information, as it is in creating new ideas and information.

Therefore, make it a habit to write down your ideas and other important things on a piece of paper as much as possible. And if they are not always possible, at least write them down on your mobile.

3: Make Deadlines

After writing down all your goals, give them deadlines. Because it is very important to give a deadline to our work to finish any work. Otherwise we will procastinate more with this work.

4: Make a List

In order to achieve your goals, you have to make a list of all the things you have to do. And I will tell you what that list will look like in the next principles.

5: Organize the list and make a plan

Write down all the tasks that come to your mind in this list. And then organize all the tasks that are written well. And make a simple plan of how you will finish these tasks.

6: Take action on your plan

Immediately after making a plan, start taking action on it. Because in the end, only actions will give you all the results and not just planning.

7: Resolve yourself to do things every day that moves you towards your goals

Read books, learn from your mentors, and learn new skills that will help you achieve your goals. Or do something every day according to your plan that will take you to your goals.

This is a 7 steps procedure that will be very helpful for setting your goals and achieving them.

2: Plan every day in advance

In time management there is a very important 6P Formula. This means that just planning for a while before starting work can save you many hours. And it can finish your work quickly without much hassle.

Because many times lack of plan creates confusion. Which in the end forces us to procrastinate. Now let’s see how we should plan and take action. For this, first, you have to make a list. As I told you in the first principle. Now you will only make four lists.

1: Master list

In the master list, you have to write all the tasks or goals and things that you have to do in your whole lifetime, such as opening your own company, going on a world tour, building a perfect body, doing something big to help people, etc.

2: Monthly list

In this list, you will write down all the things that you have to do in the next month. And remember that there must be at least one thing in it that will help you achieve one of the most important goals in your master list.

3: Weekly List

In it, you will write all the steps and tasks that you have to do in the next week. All the tasks that will continue to finish your monthly list tasks in pieces.

4: Daily list

In this list too, as before, you will write the tasks that you have to finish today. All the tasks that will finish at least one part of the tasks of your weekly list. And in all these lists, you will also have to add important chores at your home and abroad.

Such as bill submission, shopping, meeting friends, etc. And one important thing to remember is that you should always prepare the whole list in advance.

It means which work you are going to finish tomorrow which is your tomorrow list. You should have it ready before you go to bed tonight.

Similarly, you should keep the weekly list and all other lists in advance. If there are any changes, you can add them later.

3: ABCDE Technique

This is a simple and very priority technique that makes sure we use our time wisely. When you have made the whole list, the next task you have to do is to mark each of the tasks written in the list with A, B, C, D, or E from one of these alphabets.

‘A’ will mark all the tasks that are most important. And those that have a lot of Huge consequences if they are not completed. ‘B’ will be the tasks that will be important. And if they do not complete we have a little problem.

‘C’ will mark all the things that are good for us to do, but not doing them will not be a problem. There will be things in ‘D’ that we can get others to do. And things that we don’t have to do on our own.

‘E’ will mark things that we don’t care about and that we completely eliminate. Now, after marking all the tasks in the list, your first priority should always be to finish the tasks marked with ‘A’ first.

These tasks will be the frogs that you should eat in the morning. Now if there are two tasks that will be very important to eliminate and which will have a lot of Huge consequences if not done, then one of them. Mark one with A1 and the other with A2.

Of these, A1 will be the most important of the two and you have to get rid of it before A2. In this book “Eat that Frog” the author shares many other interesting lessons with us and If you want to learn all these methods, you can buy this book.

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