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In this article, I will provide you the How to Win Friends and Influence People PDF for free and I will also share the review and summary of this book with you. So, Keep Reading…

How to Win Friends and Influence People Book Review

How to Win Friends and Influence People Book

How to Win Friends and Influence People was published in 1936. It has sold more than 15 million copies. This book contains 214 pages. This book is written by Dale Carnegie.

The book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” (Click here to buy this book) was one of the bestselling self-help books of his time. Dale Carnegie helps you to achieve your maximum potential by this book.

Remember that 85% of a person’s success depends on his social skills. This book will help you improve your social skills. This book has had an unbelievable effect on my practical life.

And I’m sure you can get whatever you want by reading this book. And you can make friends with whomever you want. There are about 30 principles in this book. By following them you can improve your self-life.

Download How to Win Friends and Influence People PDF for free 

And you will get what you want in life. In this book, the author has mentioned 6 principles if you follow them people will like you. In addition, there are twelve principles that you can get people to do your work.

And here are nine principles you can follow to change people’s minds without a fight. If you want to make more money, this book will tell you many ways by which you can make more money.

How to Win Friends and Influence People Book Summary

Dale Carnegie shares 25 ways by which you can improve your social skills in this book. Dale Carnegie is very helpful because of his books. He wrote many famous books.

How to win friends and influence people PDF & Book Summary

He is best known for his book How to Win Friends and Influence People. This book helps us to improve our communication skills. Remember that, the success of any human being depends on 85% of his social skills and 15% on his technical skills.

Six ways to make people like you

1: Take an interest in people. The author says that if you want other people to like you, listen to them carefully and take an interest in them.

2: Have a good laugh. If you smile at someone, they feel good. And they will start liking you. One of your smiles helps others forget their tension. This habit is very good. This habit will make others smile at you and make you feel great.

3: Call people by their names. Dale Carnegie says there is no sweeter sound other than the name for anyone. When you call a person by his name t a party, he thinks he is important and he listens to you carefully.

4: Make it a habit to listen to others. If you want someone to listen to you, first listen to him carefully. A leader is also identified by this. He listens to everyone first and speaks in full.

5: Reassure the other person that you are really interested in it. You don’t have to flatter anyone for that. Rather, listen carefully and appreciate the other person for what thing you like.

6: Make the other person feel important. Even our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) when he met someone, would feel that he loved him the most.

12 simple ways to win people to your way of thinking

1: The easiest way to win an argument with someone is to not argue. Because no one ever wins the debate, it just spoils your relationship. Even you are right.

2: Respect the advice of others. Because it is up to you to decide whether or not to follow these tips. By rejecting his advice directly you will heart him. And you can have a bad relationship with him.

3: If you realize your mistake. So you have to admit your mistake and you should apologize.

4: Meet everyone in a friendly way and talk lovingly. Because no one likes a person who is always angry. His family doesn’t like him either.

5: Listen to other people. Meet them in a good way. And if possible, have a long conversation. Let the other person know that you are enjoying their company.

6: If you tell someone your idea. Explain it in such a way that he feels it is his own idea. In this regard, you can call him by his name. And you can also ask for his opinion about your idea.

7: Look at things from the point of view of others. Because everything has two sides. Just because you’re right doesn’t mean others are wrong. Just the way you look can be different.

8: Listen carefully to the ideas of others.

9: Start saying yes to the other person. If someone refuses to listen to you, they will always say no. So start by doing small things first and get in the habit of saying yes to the other person.

10: Appeal to people’s nobler motives. Because everyone thinks of themselves as Noble and everyone has moral codes.

All you need to do point out those moral codes. Remember, everyone has a movie running in their mind, the hero of which is himself.

11: Dramatize your words. If you follow all these principles, you are serious about your success. I could have said all these things in a few lines.

I knew you wouldn’t understand these principles in a few lines. That is why I have dramatized these principles. In this way, others will remember what you said.

12: Create a challenge. Challenge others. Because it is human nature to do better in a challenge. Our schools or colleges use the same principle.

They put the picture and number of the first comer in the paper outside their school. So other students look at their numbers and try to get higher marks from them. And that’s always the case.

Nine tips to change people without arousing resentment

1: If you like what someone says, appreciate it, whether it is your servant or the master. And always honestly praise others. If you flatter someone, they will understand that you are praising him for the fourth time.

2: If someone makes a mistake and you want them to correct their mistake. So you should not criticize it directly. This can make him feel bad.

You should tell him your mistakes first and then tell him about his mistakes. It will not hurt him and he will correct his mistake.

3: Never criticize anyone. Criticism will make the other person dislike you.

4: If you want someone to do the work, ask him questions before telling him the work. Like how are you? You eat food. How are your children etc?

And then tell him about your job. He will never stop himself from doing your job. And that person will do your job honestly.

5: You can’t get someone to work unless they agree to do it themselves. If you have to get someone to do something for you.

So tell them your work in such a way that they think your work is important to them. This will make them feel safe and your work will be done.

6: Everyone wants to be famous. He wants to feel important. If you talk to someone, talk less yourself and let others talk more.

This will make him feel important and he will like to talk to you. Dale Carnegie says that when you talk to others you speak 25% and let the other speak 75%.

7: Create curiosity in the other person’s heart about what you want to do. So that he is happy while doing your job.

8: Reassure the other person that he has done nothing wrong. This will allow him to admit his mistake. And he will not make that mistake again.

9: If someone fights you, don’t criticize him and say these words to him. I know your feelings I would do the same if I were you. This will create a connection between the two of you. And the other person’s anger will go away.

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