Importance of English Language in Our Social And Professional Life

Did you ever think that what is the importance of the English language in our life and why does everyone want to learn the English language?

Because about 400 million people worldwide speak English as a first language, and it is the third most widely spoken language in the world. Besides this, English is widely spoken or taught in over 110 countries. And the most common second language in the world.

English is also called the language of technology and science, especially computer science, and medicine. This is a brief description of the importance of English language.

Importance of English Language

5 Reasons Why You Should Learn English

Whether you are planning to travel the world or looking for new career opportunities, the English language will help you a lot in both your personal and professional life.

Now I will tell you the 5 reasons why you should learn the English language and what is the importance of English language in our life. And How learning the English language will change your personal as well as professional life.

1: English is the universal language

There are more than 1.5 billion people who speak English around the world in which about 360 million people speak English as a native language and English has become the universal language for much of the world.

English is the most spoken language worldwide after Chinese and Spanish. After every two hours, a new word is added to the English dictionary.

About more than 6 countries including some of the most powerful nations like the USA and Uk listed English as their primary language as well as the official language and more than 30 countries listed English as their second professional language.

By these facts, you may know how important the English language is. If you are a student then you must learn English. Because after learning the English language you are able to learn from the world’s top teachers, by the internet and your chances to get success increases.

2: Importance of the English language in getting the job

If you know the English language then your chances of getting a job in big or multinational companies like SamsungAppleGoogle and Microsoft increases. You should learn the English language if you want to go abroad for work.

If you speak English fluently or understand it then your chances to get a job in your country as well as other countries such as the UK, USA or Australia increases.

Because research shows that most of the companies conduct cross-border business communication, meetings and events in English. Due to this, you must know English to get a good job.

In some companies, the English language is compulsory to get a job in that company. Because if you know English you will attend meetings and give presentations confidently or in a professional way.

As you know emails are important for a business and after learning English you are able to write emails in a professional way.

3: Importance of English language in our social life

The English language is not only important for our professional life but it is also important for our social life. Because every fifth person around the world knows the English language.

No doubt learning a new language is not easy but there is not a single person in the world who does not want that he could also speak another language rather than his native language.

If you know the English language then you also convey your messages to those people that do not know your native language, as a result, your social surrounding expands. And it also makes you a more confident and respectful person which is very good for you.

Nowadays you can find those people in almost every country who speak English fluently. If you learn the English language then you not only feel confident and good about yourself but you can also communicate easily with these people worldwide as a result of your communication skills improve.

4: Access to information And Knowledge

Today we can access a lot of knowledge on the internet but almost 50% of content on the internet is in English. If you do not know English then you are unable to get the benefits from this knowledge.

The world’s 5 best universities are all in English-speaking countries and their courses are also in English. The world’s best teachers and mentors also speak English.

Although you can easily learn from these mentors via youtube videos or online courses. But to get complete access to this massive knowledge you must know English.

Every year more than 400 billion dollars is spent on research with more than 2000 universities and colleges and they share this knowledge via TV, Books and Social media. But all this knowledge and opportunities are for those who are able to function in an English environment.

Those students that want to go abroad for further studies or research should learn how to speak and write the English language.

5: English language gives you access to multiple cultures

The person who travels for his work or who likes to travel the world, the main problem that comes to them is to communicate with the native people of other countries. But we can easily overcome this problem by learning English.

As I told above one out of five people know English. So, you can easily communicate with these people by learning the English language.

You can connect to them with the English language and it makes your relationship with those people happy and strong. By learning the English language you will become a global citizen.

If you don’t like travelling or if you don’t have enough money for travelling to new places even then you can get access to multiple cultures and learn from them via the internet.

About 565 million people use the internet every day worldwide but almost 52 percent of websites are in the English language. So, you should learn the English language.

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