Learn English Fast at Home in 5 Steps: Fastest Way To Learn English

Most of us think that learning English is very difficult and the people who know the English language are brilliant. But this is not true at all. Learning English is as easy as playing a new game. In this article, I will tell you the 5 steps by which you can learn English fast at home. So, keep reading.

When you have started playing any new game you feel difficulties in the beginning but you don’t give up and keep on playing. After the passage of time, you find that game is so easy and you are an expert in it.

Similarly, at the initial stage, you feel difficulties in learning the English language. So, If you don’t quit, and remain consistent then one day you will master the English Language.

Learn English Fast at Home

5 Steps to Learn English Fast at Home

Now I will tell you the 5 steps to learn the English language fast at home. You can learn any language by following these steps but in this article, I will only discuss the English language.

Remember that you can not learn English in one day. To master the English language you have to practice these steps for at least 30 mins every day for about two to three months, which I will tell you in this article.

1: Read English Stuff

Read the stuff that is in English like, Books, Novels, Newspapers and blogs. By reading these things not only your English improves but your knowledge and focus level also increase. It will also increase your vocabulary.

The main benefit of reading these things is that they may contain a lot of new words that we never read or listened to before. And reading also helps us to understand grammar.

When we read books and other things then our brain works actively. So, make it a habit to read the book in your spare time. In the beginning, you can read-only one to two pages a day and slowly improves.

The best advantage of reading is you can read as slow as and as faster as you like. You can read one page in an hour or 10 pages in 30mins as you want. This does not happen in listening and speaking.

2: Listen to English Content

Listening also helps us to improve our English language. Listen to Podcasts, Interviews, Films, Web series, Informational videos and entertaining videos in the English language. 

All this type of content you can easily find on youtube. Download those videos that you like. And listen to them in your spare time like during riding the bus, doing house chores, and while waiting for something.

By doing this you don’t bore and you also learn English. I know it is difficult for you to understand those videos if you are a beginner. Don’t worry, start with those videos that you can understand easily. Or you can slow down the video speed so that you easily understand that video.

If even after that you find difficulty in understanding any video delete that video and move to the next one. Remember that you don’t have to finish the video, you have to listen to the English language only.

3: Make Your Own Dictionary

I know you are thinking that why should I make my own dictionary when there are a lot of dictionaries available in the world. But you don’t know how effective it is in learning the English language.

Note every new word you will learn in this dictionary with its meaning. Make it a habit to note down 20 to 30 new words in your dictionary every day. After three months you will have your own dictionary, in which you have written those words that we use in everyday life.

Learn English Fast
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This habit may distract your attention during reading. And you may be unfamiliar with writing down words while reading books. Don’t worry I have an excellent solution to this problem.

Read books but highlight words and sentences that you don’t understand or that you want to learn. Keep reading, don’t stop to look at the meanings of these words up yet.

Once you have read a chapter then look up the meaning of those words that you marked and those you are unable to understand.

4: Talk With Other People in English

If you follow the above three steps properly you will be able to understand the English language easily and you will have a massive vocabulary to use. Now in this step, you have to practice speaking English.

For this, you have to talk with other people in English. If the people around you and your friends know English then it’s good, talk with them in English.

Or, if you surrounded by those people who do not know the English language. Then don’t worry, there are many paid apps that provide you with an online trainer. These trainers talk with you in English and help you to practice speaking English.

If you don’t have money to pay for these apps then how will you practice speaking English? I also give you the solution to this problem.

When you call the customer care centre on your phone or sim card then talk with them in English, not in your native language. With this strategy, you can easily practice speaking English.

5: Take It Easy

Remember that English is just a language or a way to communicate with other people. So, take it easy. Initially, if you feel any difficulty in understanding the English Language then don’t panic and don’t give up.

Usually, When a new person starts learning English, after a few days he quits it and thinks that the English language is not for him. But if you want to master the English language then you should follow the above steps for at least three months only then you will see good results.

You can not master the English language within a few days. Similar to we never run a marathon at the first attempt. We first start with at least 10-minute jogging then we increase our speed gradually with time.

And after practising for a few months then you run the marathon. Same like that, start with practising and learning a few words then gradually improve.

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