How to Stay Motivated During a Pandemic or Critical Situation?

Nowadays, everyone is worried because of COVID 19, and because of this, fear and anxiety are spreading everywhere. And people are committing suicide due to depression.

In such situations, we all have to do our duty. Today I will try to reduce your fear and depression by sharing with you some ways to stay motivated during any pandemic through this article. I hope you will read this article in full and share it with your relatives and friends to help them.

Stay Motivated During Any Pandemic

I will also tell you the story of a man who was put in a concentration camp during World War II. The concentration camp was a place where people would die rather than go. But even after that person stayed in the concentration camp for three years and stay alive.

Ways to stay motivated during any pandemic

The information I will share in this article was taken from Vicktor’s Frankl’s book “Man’s Search for Meaning“. He was put in a concentration camp during World War II.

At the concentration camp, weak, disabled, and sick people were put in a gas chamber for Mass killing. And working with healthy people day and night. And not giving them equal food and clothing. Because of which many people would die every day.

But Victor Frankl spent three years there and survived and after being released from the concentration camp. Live a successful life. In his book “Man’s Search for Meaning”, Victor Frankl describes the reasons why he survived which I will tell you next.

1: Strong Why and Goal

By the way, many prisoners used to die every day in the concentration camp. But the death of one prisoner had a great effect on Frankl.

One day, that prisoner came to the author and told him that I had a very strange dream today. A voice came to me in a dream. Ask me what I have to ask. I will answer all of your questions.

So I asked him when we will be free from this imprisonment and when my life will be lost. So he replied that you will be free by March 30.

When he was saying all this, there was a strange joy in his eyes and he was sure that he would be free by March 30. The month of March began. So the prisoner began to count the days.

But as March 30 approached, the fighting escalated, and the prisoner’s hopes were dashed. Due to which he fell seriously ill on March 29. And died March 30.

In the eyes of everyone, the cause of his death was his disease. He was a patient of Typhus, which occurs mostly in wars and famines. But the author knew the real cause of his death.

He did not die of disease but of despair۔ The author says that we are not dying of hunger, we are not dying of deception, we are not dying of trouble, but we are dying of despair.

The doctors at the camp also confirmed that most of the deaths occurred between Christmas and New Year. Because most people believed that they would be free on Christmas or New Year.

And when their faith was broken, they would die in despair. The author says that I lived there because I believed that I will free one day from this camp.

And there were some goals in my life like I wanted to finish my incomplete book and I wanted to meet my wife because I didn’t know if my wife was alive or not. Days will be free to fulfill their purpose.

This is because the author’s why was very strong. This is what Simon Sinek tells us in his book “Start With Why” that if you want success and progress in life, keep your why strong and clear.

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2: We Give Meanings

There is a concept of Buddhism. Emptiness means Everything is empty. This means that whatever happens in our life is neutral, we make it positive and negative ourselves.

This is our mindset because of which we give things a positive and negative color. For example, you are driving a car. And a high-speed car passes you. So it is up to you to do this.

You may react negatively by saying turned out to be a hero from home. Or you may react positively by saying he had a medical or another emergency because it’s up to you how you react to a situation.

If you react negatively, it will not harm the other person and it will not make any difference but it will harm you and your mood will be bad. In the same place if you react positively. You will be in the right mood and you will be healthy.

3: React or Respond

Viktor Frankl says that we run after happiness all our lives. But we do not know that if we start thinking good for ourselves and others, happiness will come to us automatically.

The author says that happiness depends on how we react or respond to what we say. For example, I used to get very angry when my bike broke down on the way. And thinking that now I have to go to a mechanic and my whole day will be bad there. I used to get tense.

But now, after reading various books, if my bike breaks down on the way, I think that maybe I escaped a major accident because of it.

It does not make my mood worse and it also gives me some kind of tension. Does not happen The situation is the same here but the way of thinking is completely different.

Therefore the author says that you should think positively and react positively in every situation. Similarly, some things are not under our control.

It is up to us whether we react negatively or positively to them. Our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad {S.A.W} also said, “If all the signs of the day of judgment have come to you and you have a plant in your hand, then you should grow this plant. “

Now it is up to you to react positively or negatively to your issues. I have shared with you the summary of all the books I have read including “The First 20 Hours“. You should definitely visit our website once weak.


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