Study Hacks That You Should Know If You Are a Student

Studying and learning are not about reading books and scoring marks. My Physics teacher used to say, “Study is the top of love, the love of a seeker for knowledge!”. Those who knew him might have some time digesting this fact!

In this article, I will try to share with you some interesting study hacks which have helped me a lot in memorising some of the most ridiculous things ever.

It will be helpful to memorise key events, names of people or any formula. So keep reading…

Study Hacks

13 Amazing Study Hacks

1: Study with loud a voice

Did you know that you’re 50% more likely to remember something if you speak it out loud instead of just simply reading it over and over in your head?

So, make sure when you’re going through your notes and studying that you read the information out loud not just in your head. Because you will retain all of the information a whole lot better.

2: Write down difficult topics

Writing out information is actually the memory equivalent of reading it seven times. So, make sure that you write out whatever you can’t remember over and over again until you can practically remember it in your sleeve.

This is personally a hack that I swear by because it really does work. So, you should definitely need to do this whenever you’re studying for tests.

And also make sure that you’re not just writing out the information but you apply the last hack.

So, you should write out the information and then also read it out loud. Because this will really help you to retain information super well.

3: Take Breaks

It has been proven that the most effective way to study is by studying for thirty to fifty minutes at a time with 10-minute breaks in between.

So, if you know that you’re having a big test coming up in a few weeks. And if you study for just 30 minutes every single day without any distractions and concentrating

Then by the time testing rolls around. You should feel confident that you know all of the information and you should ace your test.

4: Teach your friends

When it comes to studying and learning new information a fun way to track your progress is by teaching your friend about whatever you study.

And be sure to let them ask questions because if you can give solid answers to the questions. Then you’ll know that you’re really understanding the material that you’re learning in class.

5: Listen to music

If you’re up late doing the homework or you’re just studying in general and you’re having a really hard time focusing then try listening to classical music.

listening to some music when you study. Research has shown that playing music when you’re studying improves your memory and concentration; this doesn’t apply to all forms of music.

But classical, or ambient sounds played at a low volume helps you to concentrate on your study.

6: Highlight key points with different colours

Reading a large block of text can get boring, and it makes it harder to concentrate and memorise what you’re reading. So, highlight key points with different colours. It will help your brain to organise the information better.

When it comes to properly highlight and color-coding your class notes in your studying notes then make sure that you assign each colour a specific role.

For example, let yellow be titles and topics orange definitions pink commentary info purple examples blue dates and events and lastly let the dream be

Colour-coding, this way will keep your notes so much more organized making it a whole lot easier when it comes to studying.

7: Watch online video courses

If you are getting bored of reading your textbooks, you can try watching some courses online. There’s plenty of free video lessons on YouTube, that cover a huge range of topics.

Subscribe to channels of various subjects, and also put them into playlists, so it’s easier to browse the topic you need help with.

Personally, I can’t sit still, and read a textbook for hours on end, and, I much prefer learning through video lessons because it just feels more interactive.

8: Get a good night’s sleep

Proper sleep is not only important for good health but it also helps us in the study. The brain organises your memories whilst you’re asleep.

So, if you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll forget more of what you learnt the last day. So, make sure you’re getting enough sleep.

9: Set Goals

Never start a study or any other work without having a goal in your head. Say you want to study for 2 hours. Make sure that these two hours are the most productive hours of your day. It will help you to focus more as there is something you need to accomplish.

Most of the time, it is when you fail this step, that distractions come all around and you end up splitting your mental energy between various tasks. Needless to say how that ends.

10: Remain confident

Be confident for study. You can see motivational videos on youtube to boost your motivation. I read somewhere on Quora a very interesting way to motivate yourself.

The next time you see a motivational quote or image on the Internet, save it in your gallery. Look at these photos once a day. You can even make wallpapers of them.

11: Be honest to yourself

You didn’t study today. You will probably go on saying, “I’ll cover up this tomorrow.”

But It Never Happens? You know yourself better than anyone else, and you can effectively predict your moves. Be honest to yourself. It might be difficult but really advisable.

12: Ask More Questions

I had a friend in college who aced every single class in college. One thing he said helped him the most is understanding that to get the most out of college, you have to be shameless.

Ask a lot of questions in class. No matter how obvious you think the answer is you simply have to ask.

13: Environment matters

Get to the library or a coffee shop whatever changes your mood to study. I can never study at home with a bed nearby or anywhere where I can go back by walking in 5 minutes.

The best is you go far away from home so that you isolate yourself from your comfort zone.

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