🤕Effects of Eating While Studying | The Impact of Eating on Concentration

Effects of eating while studying

Do you like eating something while you study? You are not alone. Eating while studying is a common habit among students and professionals alike. But the question arises does eating during study benefit or hurt our learning and performance? Eating healthy foods while studying has been linked to better memory, faster information processing, and improved … Read more

11 Proven Tips for Staying Focused and Motivated in the Classroom

Stay Motivated in the Classroom

Staying motivated in the classroom can be a challenging task for many students. As a student, it’s easy to lose focus and feel unmotivated during lectures due to endless distractions and competing priorities. We know staying motivated and focused in the classroom is crucial for academic success. Because motivated students often perform better academically, retain … Read more

How Toppers Make their Study Timetable | Speed up Your Studies

How to make a study timetable

In this digital world, It’s difficult to give meaningful time to our studies. We spend our whole day on useless and unnecessary things (social media, games, etc.) without realizing that it kills our time. Therefore every student should know how to make a study timetable to use their time smartly. A study timetable is an … Read more