How to Tell A Girl She is Beautiful Without Being Creepy

Do you want to impress your crush by giving her a compliment in a new way? Or you are tired of this boring line “you are looking beautiful”. Then in this article, I will share with you some lovely ways and phrases to tell a girl she is beautiful.

Let’s suppose you went to a party and you met a gorgeous girl. And you give her a compliment “you are looking beautiful or you are very beautiful” to impress her. You really think she will be impressed by these lines.

Tell a girl she is beautiful

No, not at all. Because if she is really beautiful then you will not be the first person who uses these phrases to impress her. In fact, she had listened to these phrases many times. And now they have no impact on her.

So, at that time if you will use a different line that she never listened to before. It will increase the chances that she will be attracted to you.

Phrases to Tell A Girl She is Beautiful

There are many times when you want to express to your partner, your fiance, your wife, or your girlfriend how beautiful you think they are. So here’s a few wonderful phrases you can use to express your feelings

1: I think you’re the most beautiful woman in the world

Well surely if you find your lady love extremely attractive and have eyes just for her then you can surely say this phrase ‘I think you’re the most beautiful woman in the world’. Such amazing things one can tell their loved one isn’t it.

2: You make my heart flutter

You make my heart flutter this means your partner makes your heartbeat so fast which can also be called fluttering. Due to the immense amount of love and attraction you feel for them.

Young lovers who have just started dating may experience this fluttering sensation. It could be your first love and if it is your first love.

Then that fluttering is something you must have definitely felt. So, do use this phrase you make my heart flutter

3: Your beauty is incomparable

What does this mean? It means that for you your partner is so beautiful then there is no comparison at all.

So to let them know that they are the one for you, the one and only in your life you have only eyes for them. You could say to them your beauty is incomparable and that will surely get your ladylove to blush.

4: I can’t take my eyes off you

I can’t take my eyes off you I’m sure a lot went into dressing up for me tonight honey but you’ll make it look so effortless. I swear, I can’t take my eyes off you.

5: You look absolutely ravishing

Say you and your partner have to attend a wedding or party and your partner’s all dressed up in an elegant eye-catching dress.

You take one look at her and you know you want to say how beautiful you look, but you don’t want to say that, do you. Instead, what can you say? You can say you’re looking absolutely ravishing in that dress honey.

6: You look like a vision

A woman can look like a vision no matter the color of her dress as long as you think that she is absolutely beautiful in that particular garment as though you know she is.

She is almost Ofuro like a goddess. She will look like a vision on our wedding day in a white lace dress.

7: For me it doesn’t get better than this, you’re a perfect ten

For me it doesn’t get better than this, you’re a perfect ten. This phrase means that for you your girl is the real deal. She’s the one for you and you find her perfect in every way from looks to personality you feel she’s a perfect ten overall.

Hence the thing for me it doesn’t get better than this you’re perfect. And it’s surely a phrase that your partner would love to hear and it would make her day. So, do use it.


8: You are a sizzling beauty

You’re a sizzling beauty my love it’s another way of telling someone that they are beautiful. Say these sentences to your lady love and she’ll surely be impressed and will surely reciprocate the feelings for you in equal measure.

Now, who said complimenting someone on their beauty is restricted to just between lovers. Let’s look at phrases that can be said just to about anybody who you find beautiful.

9: You’re so attractive but you’re way out of my league

Let’s look at a scenario where a guy is madly in love with a lady could be someone he works with, a friend, a neighbor, or somebody he met at a party or a wedding.

They get to know each other and over time the guy feels that the woman he loves is so beautiful but she’ll never really agree to date him. Why would she never agree to date him? Why does he feel that?

 It’s because he feels that she is too good for him. She’s so beautiful she’s too good-looking for him. But still, he plucks up the courage to tell her how he feels.

So, what does he say to convey this? He can say you know you’re so attractive but you’re way out of my league.

You’re so attractive but you’re way out of my league. To be out of someone’s league

Lovely phrases to tell a girl she is beautiful
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means that you find someone stunning or so handsome but feel they are too good for you and it would be unrealistic to think that they would want to date you.

Realistically no one would like to be told that they are way out of someone’s league. As you don’t know how the other person feels about you it could be mutual so do be careful when using this phrase so as not to offend your love.

10: You look beyond gorgeous

As women do they appreciate another good-looking woman even if they don’t like her as a person. Because if a woman is good-looking, who are other women to deny that, right?

So, how would women compliment another, say a celebrity or a famous personality?  You could say, you look beyond gorgeous.

11: Drop-dead Gorgeous

Oh, She’s looking drop-dead gorgeous today. You can say this phrase to someone who you think is absolutely beautiful and good-looking enough that their looks could kill if that was a possibility.

12: You look so radiant

A friend of yours is expecting her first child for example. And as you know during pregnancy to be moms tend to have this beautiful glow about them, don’t they?

So you know your friend is looking great, she’s really glowing and you really want to compliment her. So, what can you say to her? You can say you know, you are looking so radiant you’re glowing

13: You’re looking dapper today

Dapper meaning really really handsome. This phrase is used to compliment men. So, all you ladies out there you can use the lovely phrase dapper to compliment your guy.

15: You beaut

Now women, especially close friends show mutual admiration for one another through compliments. It’s a girl thing and I’m sure all the ladies reading this article must do this with their girlfriends, right.

Say your friend has posted some lovely pics of herself on social media like on Instagram or Facebook and you know she’s looking beyond pretty, the best she’s ever looked.

She’s lost a lot of weight and she’s looking fabulous and you want to comment on her pictures.

So, what can you write? You can say to her, you beaut. You beaut this is a typical British expression which is short for saying your beauty.

15: She or he is arm candy

She or he is arm candy, this means an attractive seemingly romantic companion, who accompanies a person in public.

You know at an event simply so that one or both of these individuals can gain attention, enhance their social status or create an impression of sexual appeal. He is my arm candy for the event.

16: Looks to die for

This is a phrase that means somebody you find absolutely beautiful. So, for example, say your boss who you have a huge crush on walks into the office looking rather gorgeous in a crisp shirt and trousers.

You keep discreetly staring at him you know at every given opportunity and the phrase that comes to your mind is she has looked to die for.

17: You’re such a stunner

You can also say you are such a stunner to tell a girl she is beautiful.

18: Blazing beauty

A blazing Beauty meaning a woman’s beauty is raising the temperatures and it’s getting very very hot.

You may have read in newspapers or fashion magazines using this term in the following way, Blazing Beauty showed off her toned body in a figure-hugging couture number. Here the number meaning a garment.

19: I love the way you look today

I love the way you look today. Imagine you’re at work and a work colleague of yours is wearing a lovely yellow dress which is really complimenting her physique and skin tone and you want to give her a compliment.

You want to let her know what you feel. So, you can say to her I love the way you look today that dress really suits you. Be sure you would have made her day with that compliment.

20: A head-turner

Now, who would you call a head-turner, and what is a head-turner? A head turn is someone who you find so attractive that you have to literally turn around or at least turn your head to look at them again.

He or she is such a head-turner somebody you have to look at again.

These are the 20 phrases that you can use to tell a girl she is beautiful. I hope you have enjoyed this article. Share this with your friends. And don’t forget to share your favorite phrase with us in the comments.

And also check out my other article in which I shared the 7 things that attract a woman to a man at first sight. Thanks! For reading.


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