7 Things That Attract a Woman to a Man at First Sight

If you want to know what attracts a woman to a man at first sight then stay with us. In this article, I will share 9 things that attract 99.9% of women to men.

And I will also tell you some tips and tricks to become more attractive. If you ever wondered about how to make a girl fall in love with you. Then you are in the right place. Because these tips & tricks will work with 99.9% of women.

Have you ever seen a less attractive guy with a girl who is way more beautiful? And you left scratching your head trying to figure out how he impressed such a gorgeous woman.

You may have thought, He’s probably rich or something like this. But that is not the truth. The fact is he probably knows how to attract women using these tricks that I will share with you. So, Keep Reading…

What Attracts a Woman to a Man at First Sight

What Attracts a Woman to a Man at First Sight

1: Lovely Smile

Always keep a smile on your face. It doesn’t matter if you are with your crush, with friends, or at home alone, always keep smiling.

This simple habit will change your life. Because when we smile we release positive waves which also make others happy. Other people enjoy your company.

So, when you meet your crush then pass a sweet smile. It will show that you are interested in her and she feels important. And, I don’t think that any girl wants a boy who always remains sad and angry.

2: Sense of Humor

Making others laugh is a very good skill and it is present in everyone a little bit which we called the sense of humor. Sense of humor plays an important role in our life.

It brings friends close to each other due to which we can talk with them for many hours without getting bored. It also makes our relationships strong.

Girls love a boy who has a good sense of humor. Who makes her laugh and also has the confidence to laugh at himself. It doesn’t mean that you have to crack jocks at every sentence.

Instead, crack jokes when it is necessary and relevant to the situation. Because every situation or discussion is not funny. And If someone makes a jock on you then don’t hesitate.

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3: Nice Smell

Do you know a woman has 1.5 times more neurons in their Olfactory system as compared to a man? The olfactory system is the sensory system used for smelling and it is also called the sense of smell. So, make sure you are smelling well, before approaching the girl.

You should have to focus on your body as well as your mouth odor. Because maybe it doesn’t matter to you but the girls notice this smell a lot.

For your mouth fragrance, brush your teeth two times a day, use mouthwash, and always keep chewing gum with you.

And for your body fragrance, you should take a bath every day, and use perfume when you are going outside or on a date. If you don’t afford perfume then you must use deodorant.

4: Dressing Sense / Cleanliness

Most boys don’t care about cleanliness. They go outside without a shower and don’t maintain their beard properly. If you really want to be an attractive person then you should take care of your body and clothes’ cleanliness.

Girls like a person who has a good dressing sense. So, maintain your clothes properly. Here, I am not saying that you have to wear clothes like film stars.

But take care of some things like, the clothes are clean and ironed. Because no matter if you wear the most expensive clothes but if they are dirty, combed, or contain stains then they are useless.

7 Things That Attracts a Woman to a Man

5: Honesty

The majority of the men, particularly the younger men, are always hiding something from the females. But remember that, females are the world’s best lie detector. Females truly measure a man’s words and activities consistently.

It is something that you build and develop in yourself over time because you won’t know how to be honest correctly with a girl. I don’t ever convince any girl that I’m right, I know they’re always measuring and they’ll find out for themselves.

6: Body Language / Confidence

There are two types of communication skills: one is expressed communication skills and the other is silent communication skills.

When you share your thoughts and opinions with others by speaking or writing is called expressed communication skills.

In silent communication skills, you convey your message through your eyes, body, and smile, without saying any word. For example, Body language.

Always keep your body language open. Don’t close your hands or don’t play with them when you are talking with someone. Instead, keep your hands at the sides during any conversation. It shows that you are a confident person.

7: Healthy Body

By healthy body, it doesn’t mean that you have six packs and you have to be a bodybuilder. In fact, I am only saying that you should have a fit body. You should not be chubby.

Because people who are chubby have a large amount of fat in their bodies and blood. Due to this their blood circulation slows down and their testosterone level also decreases.

Stay away from sugar and sweet things. And do exercise. Exercise is not only important for a healthy body but it also makes you attractive and improves your mental health. If you do a Gym for one hour every day then you will get an attractive body in a year.

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