Who Invented School and Why? Shocking Facts about School

Who Invented School

Whether you are a student or not, many questions about school definitely have come to your mind. Like: Who invented school and why? And What was education like before schools? etc. I will give answers to these questions in this post. And I have also shared some shocking facts about the creation of school. Horace … Read more

Best Ways to Make New Friends After College as an Adult

How to make friends after college

Due to the social culture of School and College, it is easier to make new friends because you see each other every day. But the main problem is how to make friends after college because you are not in the classroom every day. Most teenagers struggle with the same issue after college. After completing college … Read more

Which One is Better Between Positive Motivation And Negative Motivation

Positive Motivation and Negative Motivation

As you know we require motivation in every aspect of life. It may be study, job, business, home chores or any other things. But do you know which type of motivation is best for you and what is the difference between positive and negative motivation? Research shows that every decision and behaviour is due to … Read more

Stop Procrastinating And be Productive by Following These Tips

How to stop procrastinating and be productive

You know that how the habit of procrastination will ruin your life? Therefor you are searching “how to stop procrastinating and be productive” on google. If yes, then you are on the right place. Because in this article I have share the methods to stop procrastinating and be productive. So, Keep reading … How to … Read more

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